Japan’s Suntory plans to develop 100% bio-bottles

Published on March 10, 2016 by in PET News

Japan’s well-known beverages company – Suntory plans to develop beverages bottles that are made of 100% bio-based plastics.

The new endeavor is part of its ongoing partnership with Anellotech – a renewable chemical company – that began in 2012. The next phase of the partnership is focused on advancing the development and commercialization of cost-competitive 100% bio-based plastics for use in beverage bottles. Suntory, currently, uses 30% plant-derived materials for its Mineral Water – Suntory Tennensui bran

As part of the alliance, Anellotech will pursue the development of bio-aromatics including bio-paraxylene, a key component to produce 100% bio-based PET for beverage bottles.

Anellotech’s Bio-TCat™ proprietary thermal catalytic biomass conversion technology cost-competitively produces “drop in” green aromatics, including paraxylene and benzene, from non-food biomass. Expected to be operational in 2016, a fully integrated TCat-8 development and testing facility will confirm the viability and suitability of the Bio-TCat process for use in commercial plants.

Hiroyuki Iwai, Packaging Materials Manager of Suntory Business Expert is a key speaker at CMT’s 2nd JPET (Japan PET Resin Trade, Applications & Recycling) Summit on 16-17 March, 2016 in Tokyo.

Contact Ms. Hafizah at or call +65 6346 9218 for more information.


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Italy’s PET Preform Molder Plasco Acquired by ALPLA

Published on March 10, 2016 by in PET News

Austria-based ALPLA-Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co. KG – a global packaging solutions company has acquired Plasco SpA – a leading producer of PET bottle preforms in Italy.

The acquisition is expected to help ALPLA expand its operations in Italy.

The new addition of PET preforms facility completes ALPLA’s portfolio that already has 5 plants and 3 customer in-house molding facilities in Italy.

Plasco produces around 3 billion preforms annually from its plants in Anagni and Atella.  The company has 22 molding lines from suppliers including Netstal, Sipa and Husky.

Plasco mainly supplies preforms to Italian customers and also exports to Spain, Belgium, Greece, Serbia and Cyprus.

Italy’s PET preforms market will be analyzed at 17th GEPET (Greater Europe PET Resin Trade, Applications & Recycling) on 9-10 May, 2016 in Venice.

Contact Ms. Hafizah at or call +65 6346 9218 for further details.


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South America’s Água Mineral Santa Joana Starts Using New Lightweight PET Bottles from KHS

Published on March 10, 2016 by in PET News

Water bottler Água Mineral Santa Joana has started to use new lightweight PET bottles manufactured by Germany’s KHS.

The new KHS 0.5-liter PET bottles weighs only 8.9 grams and 1.5-liter PET containers at 22 grams compared to the usual 13 grams (0.5-liter) and 26 grams (a 1.5-liter).

The new bottles not only saves material costs but also leads to energy savings. Água Mineral Santa Joana that produces up to 27,000 of 0.5-liter and up to 26,400 of 1.5-liter PET bottles per hour can significantly benefit from this transition.

Since material use account for 70% of the manufacturing costs for beverage producers, the use of lightweight PET can significantly reduce production costs.

For instance, if a manufacturer reduces four grams in the packaging weight when producing 300 million 1.5-liter PET bottles annually, it can save as much as €1.8 million – €450,000 per year for each gram saved.

The lightweight PET bottles are already available in Brazil.

3rd SAPET (South America PET Markets, Applications & Recycling), in Buenos Aires will discuss more about lightweight PET bottles.

Contact Ms. Hafizah at or call +65 6346 9218 for more details.


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PET preforms: Sacmi flies to Tehran to illustrate technological trends and developments

Published on February 26, 2016 by in PET News

The 1st edition of IranPET, the international symposium aimed at local and international operators in the industry, will soon be showcasing developments in IPS technology, since 2015 available in versions with up to 128 cavities and equipped with important new design features.

The latest developments in preform manufacturing injection technology will be the subject of a presentation by Sacmi at IranPET, the international symposium (the 1st  edition of which will be held this coming 11 – 12 April in Tehran) aimed at local and international operators in the PET manufacturing sector.

The focus of an ambitious medium-term investment plan, Sacmi’s technology for this industry hinges on the IPS (preform injection moulding) system, the preform production platform featuring injection technology: since 2015 this has also been available in 96 and 128-cavity (IPS 400) versions, providing manufacturers with higher PET quality, more efficient process automation and greater energy savings.

This Sacmi talk – to be given by Moraldo Masi, Business & Sales Manager of the Group’s Beverage Division is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Monday, 11th April. This 1st edition of the symposium takes place against the dynamic backdrop of both the country’s recent opening up to international investment and, in the PET sector, growing demand for solutions that combine high cap and container quality with cutting-edge innovations that let manufacturers make thinner, higher-performing packs and plastic caps in order to minimise environmental impact and operating costs.

One of only a handful of global players capable of leading the way in various technologies and industries, Sacmi is looking forward to presenting – alongside the popular CCM cap manufacturing series that uses compression technology – the latest developments on the IPS series. The latter offer, in addition to the proven advantages of the previous series (IPS 220), major design innovations such as preform unloading without the use of conveyors.

This talk by Sacmi (one of the international symposium’s sponsors) will have a strong focus on the technical specifications and advantages of the new platform, which has a pressing force of 400 tons and provides highly competitive cycle times (for example, the soundness of the technical solutions on the machine is clearly demonstrated by a lock-to-lock time of just 2.1 seconds). The concept of flexibility has undergone further development on the IPS400 too, although here the solutions aim for compatibility with the bulk of the moulds on the market rather than on size changeover speeds, which nevertheless remain on a par with the best the market has to offer.

Completing the picture is the excellent energy efficiency which, thanks also to the KERS energy recovery system on the post-cooler linear motor, means a consumption of just 0.2 kW/kg at maximum output rates (1220 kg/h).

Read the Press Release in other languages:

Preformas em PET  – A Sacmi voa para Teerã para apresentar as tendências e os desenvolvimentos tecnológicos


PET-Vorformlinge – Sacmi präsentiert Trends und technische Entwicklungen in Teheran  

Preformas de PET – Sacmi vuela a Teherán para presentar tendencias y desarrollos tecnológicos  

Préformes en PET – Sacmi s’envole pour Téhéran pour présenter tendances et nouveautés technologiques  

Preforme in PET  – Sacmi vola a Teheran per presentare trend e sviluppi tecnologici

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卓越したスピーカーと豊富なアイデアを携え、第2回JPETが、3月15-18 日、再び東京にて開催される

Published on February 10, 2016 by in PET News






  • 「アルミニウム触媒PETボトル」岩谷産業による事例研究
  • 日本におけるバイオプラスチック市場の状況、飲料のためのPLAラベル、ITI コンサルティング
  • FENC(遠東新世紀)による、日本のペット市場のための革新的な戦略
  • 日本PETリサイクル市場の最新の動向-TBay国際飲料ビジネスのコンサルティング


1.「食品と接触するPET包装のリサイクル」 ーGneussFP 社;「FPCO機械によるリサイクル:ペットボトルからトレイ、トレイからトレイへ」-PCIDavid SwiftMD による、「グローバルPET/ポリエステル市場」に重要な洞察力を共有。

2.「PET応用最新技術の詳細な分析: PET、包装・飲料業界の冷却機械工場における昨今の動向」ーFrigel Firenze;「太陽光発電システムのための耐加水分解性PETフィルム」東洋紡; 「ブロー成形の新技術が開く新市場のためのPET応用」フロンティア Inc.; 「逆自動販売機ペットボトル ・飲料容器のリサイクル」トムラ。


フォー ラム後は、サントリー白州工場への訪問に他に、ワークショップのオプションもある。テーマはVisy PLASTICSの工学ビジネス開発マネージャー, Robert Dvorak,による「RPET品質向上 & PET (ボトル/トレイ/シート)リサイクリングの新動向について」である。

Centre for Management Technology (CMT) が主催する本サミットフォーラムは、Chang Woen (シルバー スポンサー)Frigel (ランチ スポンサー:1 日目)Erema (ランチ スポンサー:2 日目) Gneuss (提携スポンサー)のスポンサーで開催される。


または, 09063006531 Shiraishiまで。

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