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Mexico records 50% PET recycling

Published on November 3, 2017 by in PET News

Mexico has one of the highest bottle water and CSD consumption rates in the world and thus there is also a high amount of PET bottles being discarded. in fact, bottled water is driving PET volume growth in Latin America, adding more than 3 billion units over the past five years.

However, Mexico also recorded 425,000 tonnes of recycled plastic in 2016, up 50% from the previous year – according to the non-governmental organization Ecoce. This made Mexico the largest recycler of PET plastic containers in the Americas last year.

Mexico’s PET recycling rates are comparable to those of the European Union.

Mexico’s PET recycling plants processed about 56% of the plastic, while the remaining 44% was exported to China and the United States, for recycling.

The Mexican recycling industry has an installed PET processing capacity of 312,000 tonnes per year and has investments of over US $340 million.

The success of the recycling market in Mexico is also largely attributed to the investments from beverage companies, and today they represent just over 53% of the country’s total.

More about Mexico’s PET recycling market will be discussed at 15th LAPET (Latin America PET Packaging, Applications & Recycling) on 29-30 November 2017 in Mexico City.

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