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Nigeria Breweries plans to use PET for Climax, Amstel Malta and Maltina brands

Published on January 2, 2017 by in PET News

Heineken subsidiary – Nigerian Breweries will soon package three of its beer brands in PET. Climax, Amstel Malta and Maltina brands are chosen for this new PET packaging initiative.

PET Engineering – a packaging manufacturer – has been chosen as the partner to provide the packaging solution to the brewery.

What’s important is that Nigerian Breweries has specific requirements when packaging the beers in PET. For one, PET Engineering is asked to replicate the brewer’s industrial pasteurisation process that can withstand up to 61°C. PET Engineering, therefore, first built the specific equipment for the same and thereafter carefully chose a resin that enables a PET container to withstand the pasteurisation process – which is normally used for glass bottles.

PET Engineering has succeeded in finding the resin with highest intrinsic viscosity that is used in three PET containers obtained using a single type of preform, all of which are in tune with the strict specifications of Heineken.

The project was completed with the delivery of four mold series for Nigerian Breweries’ Ota plant.

The other key aspect of the PET bottles was to create unique shapes that stand out on shelf and enhance the brand’s impact in a new package type.

Nigerian Breweries aim to reap the benefits of PET bottles for its three brands especially qualities such as robustness, safety during production, transportation and use and clarity.

Johnson Ejemogo, Packaging Manager at Nigeria Breweries will share more on its PET Packaging Plan, challenges to extend packaging to PET, shapes and design consideration at 18th MEAPET on 21-22 February, 2017 in Dubai.

Email Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for details about the event.


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